Lucy Hao

Web Front-End engineer, Web developer


I am a front-end developer living in Beijing, China with 4+ years of Web Front-End technical experience. My current focus is Node.js for web application. For me, Simple and Easy to use is also important to internal systems.


Technical Skills

  • JavaScript (jQuery, Zepto.js, Require.js, Vue, React), HTML/HTML5 (Swig), CSS/CSS3 , working knowledge of Node
  • Package tools: Gulp and Webpack, Package management: NPM
  • Experience using Git and SVN
  • Experience working in Node environments
  • Things I've used on projects: Bootstrap, Echarts.js, Backbone.js, Express, MySQL and a whole bunch more


Web Development

@ Tencent Beijing, QQ Map Group / July 2015– Sep 2016

Worked at QQ Map data center Group to develop inner systems which included data visualization and other analytical tools, to help our PM and OM better understand our POI data. Such as POI Search System, POI Aduit System and other service.

Worked a whole web systems, includes web pages, logic service (RESTful API) and data storage using React,Webpack,Express and MySQL.

Established coding standards and best practices. Established a set of process from developing to online. Some of those projects I was the primary developer for design , code and deploy.

Front End Engnieer

@ Qihoo 360 / Feb 2012 – March 2015

Worked at YunPan Group (yunpan) to develop Web Front-End module. Developed Image Gallary Module, which can be used in both PC and mobile. In this project, user experience is the most important. As a FE, I cooperate with other team members include our UI Engineers, UE, RD and PM. At this stage, I focus on learning JavaScript,CSS,HTML basic knowledge.

Worked at Mobile Search Group. Focus on mobile web development(HTML5 and CSS3). Developed and maintained search result pages and some html5 pages used in Android APP and IOS APP.


  • 360 YunPan [2012-2014] - Both Web PC and mobile. The mobile Web should use browser to toggle device mode.
  • 360 Mobile Web Search [2014-2015] - Responsive, Zepto.js.
  • internal systems for QQ Map Group - POI Search Systems, POI Aduit Systems, POI Data Visualization Systems - Responsive, Node environment


Master's degree
University : Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics(the short name is BUAA) (2009-2012)
Major : Computer Science
Scores : 3.0/4
Bachelor's degree
University : Beijing Information Science and Technology University (2005-2009)
Major : Computer Science
Scores : 3.5/4

Other Notables:

  • Paticipated in translate book "Pro HTML5 Performance" to Chinese and published in May 2014 高性能HTML5
  • Shared about “Beginning to mobile web develop” in W3Ctech - the largest community of front-end technology in China移动端Web开发初级攻略